Free Blogging Websites

The term “blog” is the short form of weblog. A blog is a personal space that’s set up on the Internet, which allows people to share ideas, diaries, news events, personal information or stories with the rest of the world.

First-time bloggers find free blogging websites a great way to get started in the blogosphere. Popular blogging web sites like and allow users to set up and host a blog without paying any user fees at all. These free services encourage new users to begin blogging, by providing all of the tools that are required. If you’re interested in blogging, you’ll find everything you need, without having to spend any money. So really, there’s nothing to lose. It is so easy to blog for free, that many people who have never enjoyed any previous web experiences are finding that they’re drawn to blogging.

As a new blogger, you may find that it’s easier to get listed in search engines when you sign with free blogging websites, rather than starting your own blog from scratch. For example, Google crawls its pages very often looking for updates on its free blog-hosting site. If your site is hosted by, you’re almost guaranteed a listing on Google’s blog search engine. With this easy access to search engines, it’s easier to promote your blog and gain readers with minimum marketing effort.

Let’s say that, after you initially post on a free blogging website, your blog attracts a large readership. At that time you may decide to move your site. Many people feel that being hosted by a free blogging website gives a blog a kind of amateur flavor. While this is fine for newcomers, these “seasoned” bloggers prefer a higher profile image. Having your own domain can make your blog appear to be more professional, and finding a company to host your domain is neither difficult nor expensive. If you blog is successful, you may be able to sell advertising space. Your advertising income will likely cover the costs of purchasing a hosting package, with a little cash left over. In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a lot of fancy extras until your blog has a healthy readership.

Starting blogs on free blogging websites is a great way for new bloggers to build a following before laying out any cash. Use free hosts like, and as an incubator, and watch your blog begin to grow in popularity.


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