How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Life is not what it used to be anymore. Everything that’s valuable goes to the seller’s market and saving comes in the form of not buying anything unnecessary. Employment has never been worse since the depression era at 11 % which is the government’s official figure. Jobless people are at the bottom of the economic ladder, and adding to the woes of every American is the worsening condition in health insurance and care system while prices of basic commodities like foods and medicine are rocketing sky high. There no more sacred cows anymore, everybody’s suffering together, but there’s still a silver lining in the horizon.

Many people that have been feeling the economic hardships have started trying their hands at making a living online. From stocks trading to selling old items on Amazon; many people have found a way to lessen the blow of the higher prices. It does take a lot of research to find the right type of job.

Not everyone can open a business and run it flawlessly to make a profit; and not everyone feels comfortable going into the stock markets, especially now because they’re so uncertain. But one thing that anyone can do is start their own blog. Anyone can talk about themselves and their hobbies; and it’s surprising how many people want to listen.

It is very easy to learn how to start a blog and make money; and once you figure out how to start a blog and make money, earning a fulltime income is very easy. It’s so simple to set up a blog, get a free Word Press account, buy a $ 10 domain name and set up a hosting account, then start making posts. Basically the bases for any blog comes down to content.

You’ll be extremely successful if your contents catch people’s attention and intrigue them. Nothing can work to your advantage compared to when you have highly entertaining contents which are at the same time highly informative. But this is not where you make money; ads will be installed in your articles by certain companies to sell their products. If you’re link is responsible for generating sales for these companies, they will give you a commission. That’s how you earn your keep.

Businessmen who travel a lot would be very interested in blogs concerning hotels. They’ll visit the websites with hotel blogs; and if they’re interested, all they have to do is visit the link and book for themselves and charge the payment to their credit cards for both the link and the website that handles the hotel account.


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