Is a BLOG Important or Not?

What is a Blog?

Why do you NEED one?

Why is its VALUE crucial?

What is a Blog?

In simple terms it is a type of website…where you can add your own
personal events, thoughts, views, news, photos,
videos, “How To” info…for everyone to see and comment on.

But it’s also much more…you can advertise, you can sell your own
things and other peoples’ and companies’ products…to make an income
from anyone on-line and from across the world …..all for FREE.

Your Blog MUST be ? YOU ? all over it, you are the one of
attraction to your visitors, so don’t disappoint
them by not being genuine, unique and don’t be someone else!!

Your Blog can contain all of YOUR articles you ever produced in its
Archive, so stand out from the masses with your Blog and be
different! Be Original!!!

To easily set up a Blog if you don’t already have one, I would go for
a WordPress Blog and get it hosted off site of WP with a hosting
company like HostGator or similar, so that you have your OWN site.
Don’t have a URL like . Rather
your Blog URL should look like this , while you
are setting up your Blog go download the “Flexability2 Theme” FREE
for the Theme of your Blog, its got a good Professional layout which is not too difficult
to navigate.

Why do you need a Blog?

Your primary goal for having a Blog, would be having it as your central
HUB for all your outside efforts to invite traffic , the traffic comes through
your Blog ( HUB ) from sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace,
Squidoo, Google and Yahoo into your SALES FUNNEL then AUTOMATICALLY
contacts them back with AUTORESPONDER emails to help develop them
into PROSPECTS while all the way offering helpful necessary Afilliate
Programs, earning YOU money while freeing up your time to improve your
business attracting more leads. If you don’t have a business blog – start one today.

Blogs value on-line?? –

Search engines LOVE Blogs! Why ? Because PEOPLE love Blogs. People
will read a Blog post quicker than most other types of content on-line.
This allows you to aim for keywords and phrases, dominate market niches, and
take your MLM marketing directly to the people. Learn how to setup a
PROFITABLE Blog properly. Learn how to EARN from your Blog. Study some of
the TOP Earner Blogs out there and apply what you see in you’re own business –
it will give you great results over time.



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