Want to make money with blogs? Look at my free moneymaking blog

Can I make money with blogs? Look at my free moneymaking blogger and learn how to do it yourself. Lots of people ask me how I promote GDI or Global Domains International. How do I get my online business leads. Please visit my http://gdijoinnowforfree.blogspot.com/ to see one of the companies I promote on my blogs. First let me say that blogs must be informational. You cannot make a blatant sales pitch blog full of ads only or blogs entirely devoted your promoting your product or service.

Allow others to put articles of value on your site. There are many awesome writers out there who would love to give you material. Use them and give your blog readers articles full of content that is in line with your product. Don’t put articles about dogs on a motorcycle blog. Okay Guys! Keep it real and keep it fun. Blogging is fun!

Now to the question you are asking. How do I make money with my blog. Well first of all find a great product to promote. I recommend global domains international because you only invest 10 bucks a month and the income potential is huge. Check out http://freegdi.com for more information. Anyways back to the big question. How to make money. Sign up with a good blog host. I recommend blogger for it’s ease of operations and it’s free. Now you can’t beat that!

Okay so you have a product to promote. Get a good title. Pick a good URL name for your web address. Be creative. The top blogs have titles that really are original. Now with blogger you pick a template and your ready to roll.

Start writing posts with information about your business. Be sure to offer your bloggers posts with content value. Give them tips, tools, whatever to help bring them back again and again. If your bloggers find value they will return. Now put banners on your ads promoting your business. You can put links to your businesses on your blogs.

If you have a well thought out blog with a purpose you can generate alot of activity on your blogs. By this I mean lots of posts and replies to them. Your blog site will increase in it’s search engine rankings as it gains popularity.

Last but not least is integrate google adsense ads on your blog. It is free and you can earn income everytime someone clicks a good ad on your site. Not a bad deal. Some folks make quite a bit with adsense. A bit of advice don’t clutter your blogs with them. It will drive your bloggers away. just put a few on your page. The hot area to put them in is the upper right and left sides. If you put them at the bottom they will lack visibility.

With my GDI blogspot I have a about me page. Use them wisely. Tell about yourself. Make your blog a personal experience. Add pictures. Make people feel like they know you. Maintain email contact with your regular bloggers. This will help you promote your business. I meet many great people through my blogs. I’m always getting questions on how to do this or that. I love to help! My email is skysthelimit@winning.com. I’m Todd Schuyler and I thank you for reading mymoneymaking blog article.



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